Vitomittaus Oy offers you a comprehensive range of measuring services. Our main operational area is in Western Finland, Satakunta but also whole Finland and Europe.

We have been offering our customers high quality service for several years. As a company, we always provide highest quality and every work is always carried out carefully and professionally. This ensures that the customer always receives the best possible service from us.


Construction and bridge measurements

- Piling marking- and accuracy measurements
- Construction marking- and accuracy measurements
- Bridges marking- and accuracy measurements
- Track Measurements
- Construction of the Measuring Point Network
- Queue measurements
- Follow-up measurements
- Precise measurements
- The mass- and amount calculations


Public utility measurements

- Road marking- and accuracy measurements
- Sewer and water pipelines marking- and accuracy measurements
- Cable marking, mapping and amount calculations
- Amount calculations for excavation and filling
- Markings and amount calculations for mining
- Load measurements with Loadman and Heavy-Loadman equipment


Soil analysis and ground thightness measurements

- weight measurements drillings
- vibration analyse drillings
- Vane testing device GM 4W
- Undisturbed sampling
- Installation of follow-up equipment

- Small scale ground thightness measurements with Loadman 2 -weight drop equipment
- Road construction and larger entities ground thightness measurements with HeavyLoadman -weight drop trailer



- Planning and written reports of roads and municipal utilities
- Plans and shore plan design
- Terrain Model Measurements
- Ground Maps
- Layout drawings


3D Machine Control

- Machine Control Templates for excavators, bulldozers and road graders
- The base station containers and correction messages to the site
- Eequipment rental and installation
- Accauracy measurements and amount calculations via the machine control
- Calibration of equipment for excavators


Laser Scanning

- Scanning building interiors and facades.
[Layout drawings, plans, sectional views, façade Images]
[Point Cloud coloring with photos or a thermal imaging camera images]
- Scanning, the position drawings and sections of old bridges
- Precision measurements of newbuild bridges by scanning
- Precise amount calculations of rocks and stacking areas
- Scanning of old conveyors for design
- Straightness measurement for elevator shafts

We make laser scanning for almost all kinds of objects. Equipment is a digital 3D laserscanner with optional 36.3 Mpix digital camera and a Flir A645 thermal camera.

We do not leave our customers alone with the scan data. If a customer needs further processed material out of the basic data – we can do it. We provide desired material from basic point cloud data to 2D models and cut sections and all the way to modeling.

Contact us and ask for more services!


Thermal Imaging

- Thermal imaging of buildings and reporting
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3D laser scanning
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